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It's quite the golden word in the fashion industry at the moment isn't it?

It's quite the golden word 


To be honest, I'm having a lot of trouble writing this Blog Post and finding direction because I have SO much to say here. Blogging as such is not my forte ... I don't write ... I have about 1 million paragraphs below me in the drag

Are all the brand and companies out there that are claminig to be "sustainable" actually doing anything to help the environment? While the answer to many is yes ... a lot are actually not. For this reason, I didn't want to seem as though I was jumping on the bandwagon. I've properly been living sustainably for a year now. And by that I mean I make a super conscious effort in my every day life 


I'm not a writer. I'm actually finding it super hard to find direction for this Blog Post because I have SO much to say and I'm just not quite sure how to go about translating it all into one single Blog Post. For that reason, this will be a little introduction to what started me on my sustainability journey 


. I thought, just tart writing Jess and see where it takes you. Turns out I wrote four pages long of thoughts 

I know .. another brand writing about "Sustainability" ... face palm!? This era For me, I find it frustrating seeing other brands and companies claiming to be sustainable, but not actually physically doing anything at all for the environment. Sustainable fabrics ... but you use plastic tags? Sustainable boutique practices ... but you send paper receipts * pac


Every second brand is claiming to be "sustainable" ... and while any form of awareness of this issue is incredible, saying your brand or company is "sustainable" without actually changing any of your practices is just pointless. There is a lot of talk around sustainability, you cannot just write your brand (or company) is sustainable in your Instagram Bio ... but it is our actions that will make an impact on this Earth. 

To be honest, I'm having trouble writing this blog post and finding direction because I have so much to say around this issue. I've decided to share my personal journey that has bought me to where I am today, hopefully it inspires you to even change just the smallest thing.


It has taken me almost a year to be able to share this journey with you. In the beginning I felt like a bit of a fraud writing about sustainability, I felt as though people would just see me as jumping on the "sustainability" bandwagon. I also found it super important to live and breathe all the words I am writing in this blog. This is now my life. Nothing in this post is fabricated to get likes, or comments, it's my life & the choices I have made to reduce my footprint.


In May 2017 I had a collection of moments that led me to actively work towards minimising my footprint on the planet. When I say actively, I mean REALLY REALLY work towards minimising my impact. Not just the usual that I was already aware of - switching off lights, recycling, etc.


I became completely vegan and have been until now, and will be continue to be. This decision came about first and foremost for the environment. I know lots of people don't "get" the vegan movement, hell I didn't. I was totally one of those people that would roll my eyes when someone said they were vegan. I remember I had dinner one night with a girlfriend and this well known musician and we ordered pizza and he ordered his vegan ... my friend and I sniggered amongst one another and said "of course he's bloody vegan" (I'm now totally that person who orders there pizza without cheese haha)


Going vegan cuts out SO much crap in your daily routine thats harmful for the planet, it's actually insane. Did you know that animal agriculture does more harm to our atmosphere than the ENTIRE transportation industry. Yep, that statistic alone blew my mind. It was after I watched a series of documentaries, read countless blogs, papers, studies that led me this decision. TO be honest I haven't looked back. I'd say I eat vegan 98% of the time - sometimes