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I love succulents. Like I'm literally obsessed! Our house is full of them. They are in expensive, super easy to maintain and look amazing styled in and around the home. 

This post is not so much about the how to DIY (everyone knows how to pot a plant) but just a few little creative idea's you can use when potting your babies. It cost me $0 to do this. I'm really lucky to have a garden full of succulents so I didn't need to buy them. If you don't have any though don't stress! The great thing about succulents is that you can take a small cutting off a plant, re pot it and woilah it will conitnue to grow! Ask mum, grandma, your aunty, your friends. Someone is bound to have succulents in their garden and all you need is a small clipping. If you can't find any you can purchase them from bunnings and they are super cheap!

To pot the succulents we used old jars we had laying around the house, a broken bottle I found in the garden (don't ask?), an old candle that had burnt out and some tea light holders. I love the idea of the jars on their sides. It's like a little mini terrarium. Just place some soil inside with a spoon and carefully lay your succulents on top of the soil. They will eventually re root themselves into the soil and that's it. Water them once a week (or when the soil looks dry) and watch your babies grow! We have succulents inside on window ledges, in the bathroom where it's humid, outside where it's currently cold because it's winter. They literally grow anywhere! And they require super minimal attention. Sometimes I forget to water them and two weeks like